LaserShow 445

What is the LaserShow 445 Project?

The LaserShow 445 Project consists in a DIY laser show made with a 2W blue laser diodes extracted from a Casio XJ-A241 laser-hybrid video projector. The objective of this LaserShow is based on the beautiful effect of the fixed or the slow motion control of the blue beams in the air. We are using free hardware (Arduino) to fully control these beans with all types of controllers, protocols like MIDI, DMX or ARTNET. We built this device especially for an visual art installation at Boom Festival 2012 with the French collective Paradigme.

This project has been mainly developed by Axel GUILLAUMET aka Hypernoika.

How does it works?

The blue laser diodes are mounted into an aixiz module with a special glass high power output lens. Each module is mounted into a processor Intel Core 2 thermal radiator and ventilator to dissipate the thermal energy produced by the laser diodes. Each diode is alimented by a specific drive which is controlled by a TTL signal.

First paper prototype of the LaserShow 445 controller 

The general power is provided by a standard ATX PC power supply of 500W. Inside the controller there is now an Arduino Mega (before it was an Arduino Dualmilanove) to allow the communication with the computer. Each laser head is connected to the controller with 50 meters cables. Instead of use an XLR connection, we use a special 7 pins rounded connector like the CB’s microphones connectors to allow more connections for the futures upgrades. For now we have 8 operational laser heads . The controller is ready to be upgraded to add  more features like motorisation.

Version 1.0 assembly pictures

This version has been built with the help of Jaume Rubirola (Sinetiks visuals).

The LaserShow 445 project in use